Our staff works hard to maintain a standard of excellence in all our grooming services. We do it all from nose to nails. We treat all our guests as if they were our own pets, and use only pet-friendly grooming products. Call or click to book your next grooming appointment!

Drop off time for Grooming is 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM unless you have an afternoon appointment. Dogs are groomed in the order in which they arrive. If you would like your dog to join in playgroups while they wait for their turn, let us know! We will call you when your dog is ready to be picked up.

*Prices subject to change based on dog's coat condition, nail condition, size, and temperament.


Full Grooms include a bath, brush, hair cut, and nail trim.
Dogs under 25 lbs: $45
Dogs 26 to 60 lbs: $55
Dogs 61-89 lbs: $66
Dogs above 90 lbs: $80

Face, Feet, Fanny: $45
With a Face, Feet, Fanny, no length is taken off the coat. We clean up the face and ears, round off the feet, and do a sanitary trim on the rear before doing a bath, brush, and nails.

Wet Undercoat Removal: Starting at $50
A Wet Undercoat Removal is a special coat treatment we do for dogs who shed heavily, especially those dogs that blow their coats like Huskies. Cost of the treatment varies based on severity of the impacted undercoat.

Bath and Brush-Out: $35
Nail Trim: $8