Home Replication Suite: Our suite is designed to replicate a soothing home environment for your pet. Comfortable living room furniture, room to stretch their paws, and the sounds of home make this suite a good fit for dogs who might be more nervous in a kennel environment. Booking for this suite is extremely limited so make sure to reserve early.

Families of up to three dogs may occupy this suite together if requested by owner depending on the size of the dogs. For example, two Great Danes might find the suite cramped to share, but three Chihuahuas would feel right at home.

Home Suite Rate: $55 per dog per day (discounts applicable for multiple dogs up to 3 guests)

Standard Boarding: Standard boarding is based on size of dog by weight. Dogs are broken up into play-groups by size and temperament. Toy dogs are 15 pounds and under for play groups but for boarding rates they are categorized as small. Small dogs are under 24 pounds. Medium Dogs are under 60 pounds. Large dogs are 61 pounds and above.

Small Dog Rate: $21 per day

Medium Dog Rate: $25 per day

Large Dog Rate: $31 per day

Discounts are applicable for family groups of three or more dogs.

Discounts are also applicable for length of stay of 2 weeks or more for a consecutive stay.

We require all our guests be current on vaccinations for Bordetella (Kennel Cough), Canine Influenza, DHLPP, and Rabies. Please contact your veterinarian to ensure your pets' vaccinations are up to date and complete before scheduling your next visit.